Environmental Policy

Our policy outlines the steps we are taking to sustain the economy, society and the environment now and for future generations.

We strive to be socially and ecologically responsible in our business practices by purchasing organic or recycled products as much as possible and favouring suppliers who strive to improve their environmental performance and can document the supply chain impact of their efforts. Independent certification of partner companies is important to us, which is why we work with garment producers who are members of the Fairwear Foundation, products which are Peta approved vegan and organic products that are independently certified. 

Working Together

We participate in a number of community run events to help develop and  sustain the Burren as a tourist destination.  We engage locally through participating in training and networking  activities. 

Caring for landscape

We use environmentaly friendly products in our home and business.  Our local distribuiton is by Electirc Vehicle enabling 
a reduction in our carbon footprint.

Irish Heritage

We preseve the Irish Heritage though our garment designs and participation in a number of traditional musical events. We direct our customers to the many historical, cultural and scenic locations within the Geopark area.

Vibrant community

We strive to provide the best products and service we can to our visitors making their trip as enjoyable and memorable as possible.

Stronger Livelihoods

We support the local economy by providing employment and sourcing products and services locally where possible.


We develop and maintain an Environmental Action Plan, with actions and targets for improvement focusing on bettering our systems and monitoring our waste, water, energy and purchasing management. 

Our commitment

We are committed to maintaining our ecological, social and ethical responsibilities to a very high standard and seeking ways to improve further – both within our own organisation and in the products and services we seek of others. 

We have identified opportunities to minimise, reduce and reuse packaging, to seek out renewable energy solutions and increased documentation our efforts and commitments as goals for the coming year.